• **APRIL 28, 2016**

    **APRIL 28, 2016**

    Featured on Design Crush blog

  • **APRIL 23, 2016**

    **APRIL 23, 2016**
  • **APRIL 14, 2016**

    **APRIL 14, 2016**

    q&a with Matthew Shelley on Volume

  • **FEBRUARY 5 - FEBRUARY 26, 2016**

    **FEBRUARY 5 - FEBRUARY 26, 2016**

    Personal Space
    Snyderman-Works Galleries
    303 Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA
    Opening Reception Friday February 5

    Phillippa Beardsley
    Amanda Bush
    Matt Colaizzo
    Virgina Fleming
    Julian Kreimer
    SaraNoa Mark
    Erin Murray
    Matt R. Phillips
    Giordanne Salley
    Stuart Shils
    Tiffany Tate

  • **FEBRUARY 4 - MARCH 19, 2016**

    **FEBRUARY 4 - MARCH 19, 2016**

    BravinLee Programs
    526 W 26th St., #211, NYC
    Opening Reception Thursday February 4, 6-8pm

    Chuck Agro, Philip Akkerman, Janine Antoni, Robert Arneson, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Leonard Baskin, Jack Beal, Max Beckmann, Bradley Biancardi, Todd Bienvenu, Matt Bollinger, Deborah Brown, Delia Brown, Peter Burns, Jim Butler, Chuck Close, Lovis Corinth, Sophie Crumb, Mary DeVincentis, Eric Doeringer, Diane Edison, Ralph Fasanella, Dan Fischer, Kathleen Gilje, Mary Glenn, Mark Greenwold, Irene Hardwicke, Barkley L. Hendricks, Judith Henry, Scott Kahn, Dennis Kardon, Deborah Kass, Käthe Kollwitz, Kurt Kauper, David Kramer, Laura Krifka, Charlotte Lee, John Lees, Andrew Lenaghan, Beverly McIver, Catherine Murphy, Erik Olson, Carl Ostendarp, Philip Pearlstein, Erika Ranee, Charles Ritchie, Kenny Rivero, Walter Robinson, Giordanne Salley, Tom Sanford, Cindy Sherman, Devan Shimoyama, Cary Smith, Lava Thomas, Betty Tompkins, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Martin Wilner, Aaron Zimmerman

    The self portrait is the lingua franca of the smartphone era. The scourage and proliferation of “selfes” and “profiles” is certainly indicative that we are enduring the best of times-as well as the worst of times in the apothesosis of onanistic humanism. Despite its utter debasement in the hand-held device, adolesentalized epoch, the self portrait in the 21st Century remains an elevated, vital, interesting, important and revealing genre. The show includes nearly 60 self-portraits, some are literal, others allude to autobiography in a psychological or metaphorical way.

  • **JANUARY 8 - FEBRUARY 26, 2016**

    **JANUARY 8 - FEBRUARY 26, 2016**

    Madison Bubbler at the Madison Public Library, Madison, WI
    Opening Reception Friday January 8, 8-11pm

  • **AUGUST 28, 2015**

    **AUGUST 28, 2015**
  • **MAY 13-JUNE 14, 2015**

    **MAY 13-JUNE 14, 2015**

    Full Moon, Hot Sun
    Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects @ Projector Gallery
    237 Eldridge St, New York, NY

  • **AUGUST 9, 2014**

    **AUGUST 9, 2014**

    Wanderers Above a Sea of Smog
    Katrina Van Tassle Projects
    34 E 1st Street, New York, NY 10003

    August 9-31, 2014
    Opening Reception August 9, 6-10pm

    Sophia Narrett
    Collette Robbins
    Giordanne Salley
    Andrew Woolbright

  • **JULY 8, 2014**

    **JULY 8, 2014**
  • **APRIL 2, 2014**

    **APRIL 2, 2014**

    Top Ten: Giordanne Salley Mississippi Modern Productions, by Nathan Mullins

  • **JANUARY 26, 2014**

    Three Emerging Painters

    Jessie C. Wilson Gallery
    Anderson University, Anderson, IN
    1100 East Fifth Street
    Anderson, IN 46012

    January 26-February 13, 2014
    Opening Reception January 26 3-6pm

    Visiting Artist Lecture January 26, 5pm FA267

    Exhibiting Artists include

    Kerri Ammirata
    Giordanne Salley
    Holly Ruth Sims

  • **DECEMBER 6, 2013**

    **DECEMBER 6, 2013**
  • **NOVEMBER 23, 2013**

    group show of small works at "The Diplomat"
    1829 Caton Ave, #3E
    Brooklyn, NY 11226

    Artists Include:

    Eleanna Anagnos
    Chris Moss
    Fernando Pintado
    Giordanne Salley
    Heryk Tomassini
    Jonathan Torres
    Sebastian Vallejo

  • **OCTOBER 25, 2013**

    **OCTOBER 25, 2013**

    Featured Article on Artsy Forager
    In Celebration of the Mundane: Giordanne Salley by Lesley Frenz

  • **SEPTEMBER 10, 2013**

    **SEPTEMBER 10, 2013**

    Featured article on Mutant Space:
    Giordanne Salley's Paintings are about Love and Beauty in the Everyday by Moray Mair

  • **JUNE 28-29, 2013**

    **JUNE 28-29, 2013**

    GlogauAIR Open Studios Event and Exhibition

    GlogauAir gGmbH
    Glogauer Str., 16
    10999 Berlin – Germany

    Friday June 28, 2013, 7-12 pm
    Saturday June 29, 2013, 3-9 pm


    participating artists:

    Ben Browne
    Alejandro Cerón
    Lauren Chipeur
    Arjen de Leeuw
    Emily Francisco
    Elizabeth Glaessner
    Meredith Greenberg
    Christina Humble
    Lisa Marie Jakab
    Joshua James Johnson
    Shahdeh Khodavandi
    Yasmina Lahjij
    Douglas Mooney
    Tomas Morgan
    Dan Perkins
    Anna Prezioso
    Heather Ravenscroft
    Matt Reynolds
    Maria Rogel
    David Ross
    Giordanne Salley
    Dana Sederowsky
    August Stern

  • **MAY 18, 2013**

    **MAY 18, 2013**


    55 artists were commissioned by The Silas Marder Gallery to create three 8in x 10in paintings for this exhibition

    The Silas Marder Gallery
    120 Snake Hollow Road
    Bridgehampton, NY 11932

    May 18- June 17, 2013
    Opening Reception, May 18, 5-9pm

  • **MAY 12, 2013**

    Boston University MFA Open Studios

    3rd Floor
    808 Commonwealth Avenue
    Boston, MA

    Saturday May 12, 2013, 1-5pm

  • **APRIL 12, 2013**

    Boston University 2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition

    Featuring the work of:

    Laraine Armenti
    Rob Camacho
    Elizabeth Carter
    James Case
    Luca De Gaetano
    Ashley Freinberg
    Joe Gegan
    Kathleen Kennedy
    Giordanne Salley
    Adrienne Stein
    Trina Turturici
    Anna Valdez
    Rob Ventura

    808 Gallery
    808 Commonwealth Avenue
    Boston, MA

    April 12-28, 2013
    Opening Reception, April 12, 6-8pm

  • **FEBRUARY/MARCH 2013**

  • **JANUARY 16, 2013**

    **JANUARY 16, 2013**

    Featured Article on Daily Serving
    Fan Mail: Giordanne Salley